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New Deer Hunting Land In Wisconsin

Now this rocks big time! An old time friend of ours, Josh Wilkins, used to live up here in Canada but moved to Wisconsin years ago. We’ve always stayed in touch and shared big buck photos, hunting storys and all that good stuff. Last summer I asked him what the chances were of us filming some hunts for Realtree over in WI. He didn’t really have any space on the 40 he hunts with family but he knew a guy who worked for this company who was able to work with a current land owner and get us permission to hunt a 300 acre plot in Buffalo county! As you may know, Buffalo county WI is one of the most famous deer hunting hotbeds for massive trophy buck production. It’s a whitetail hunters dream come true!

Because of the potential for some seriously remarkable footage we’re going to be shooting with our bow cams, and a full camera crew. So we’re looking at 2 guys in each tree, or 2 cameras plus an additional ground camera for each setup. We may let the drones rip as well but not sure how legal those are in Wisconsin. I know it’s illegal to use drones for real estate sales, but video production for hunting videos may be legit.Deer-Hunting-Land-ShirtTo say we are excited would be a massive understatement. Hats off to Josh and his friends at www.huntinglandwisconsin.com for putting this together for us (check the site out if you ever are in the market for hunting land for sale in Wisconsin. We’re going to be heading over there a full week prior to the rut, which in Wisconsin usually hits around halloween through the 3rd week of November. Our plan is to scout around, then hang some trail cameras and see what shows up before making final decisions on stand placement.

Since Crossbows were legalized in WI last fall, the temptation is there to buy some to try. The main issue are the camera mounts.  Basically, we have none for deer hunting crossbow applications. Crossbows fire with such a snap, and reverse recoil that you really almost need to go with a full rifle setup in order to prevent camera shutter and jumpy or out of focus footage. While it would be neat to be up on stand with crossbows, it’s probably not going to happen this time around.

We will, however, be hunting over some real nice food plots that the land owner planted last year. They were not maintained throughout the summer, no water or weed killer, but apparently they held up pretty well. I guess the Wisconsin Summer was quite wet and food plots throughout the state did very well even if left unattended for much of the spring and summer months. As you may already know, I love hunting over food plots because there is always so much going on. Not just big monster bucks, but tons of does, coyotes, raccoons, they just seem to attract so much wildlife it always makes the hunts very exciting. Check out the video below, these are the dudes hooking us up with the deer hunting land in WI to hunt this fall:

Of course we will be keeping you up to date on the footage from this Wisconsin deer hunt on this premium slab of deer hunting land! It’s the perfect mix of agricultural land, rolling hills and wooded valleys out in Buffalo county to produce some real Pope and Young caliber whitetail deer. And we really hope we get a crack at a couple of them this fall! Maybe even one larger than the King Buck!