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The Rock Cam Is IN THE HOUSE!

As you know, deer hunting trail cameras have become insanely popular with big game hunters. Trail cameras are used to pattern deer, scout potential areas for monster bucks, find out what time of day deer are moving through your hunting land etc. But the problem has always been how these cameras are mounted. Basically, they require trees on the landscape in order to function properly because the camera needs to be strapped to a tree in order to get a good view of the area.

Fake Rock For LandscapingRecently we had a customer complaining about deer getting into the landscaping around his home. He wanted to find a means of patterning the deer to find out what time of day or night the deer were cruising through and munching on all the nice landscaping plants and flowers as if they were part of a food plot. The problem was that there were no trees nearby to provide any kinid of substantial mounting area for a trail camera.

Well, a friend of ours works for a company in Wisconsin which manufactures fake rocks for landscaping use and as covers home owners can use to disguise things in their yards with. Geniuses that we are, we snagged one of these fake rock covers and made a mount inside of it on which a camera sits. With a 32GB video card and a fully charged battery the unit will record for almost 28 hours. The homeowner used it and was able to pattern the deer and stick it with an arrow. Now it’s the home owner doing the eating, not the deer!

Will we be selling these? Heck no, they are way too difficult to manufacture! Just thought I’d share the idea in case anyone out there wants to try it. Contact us if you want photos of the inside of the rock to use to create your own.