Our Hunting Gear

For bowhunting shoots we usually go with GoPro cameras mounted on our bodies and bows. This enables us to get good panning “look around” footage in combination with the down the arrow shot cam. For some client hunts we use Sony digital cameras in order to have zoom functionality and better sound.

go-pro-hunting-cameraRifle hunts almost always require the larger Sony zoom digital cameras as the shots on a rifle hunt tend to be several hundreds of yards out. Using GoPro’s on such distant targets doesn’t really add up to much.

Even with our policy of using the best quality gear to capture the finest quality footage, we still find it challenging to shoot in the field. Capturing solid, professional quality footage is something we have learned to do through years of experience, experimenting and trial and error. The equipment we use now, in conjunction with our know-how, results in footage our clients are always happy to see.

If you have a project requiring professinal qualtiy hunting footage, please contact us and fill us in on the details.