Our New Wisconsin Hunting Cabin In Portage

Well, as you know we spend quite a bit of time filming our hunts in central WI. Columbia county, Sauk, Marquette, Adams and others. Having to stay in hotels all the time can get pretty pricey, so we decided to take the plunge and buy a property in central Wisconsin that is great for deer hunting and more.  It’s nothing fancy, just a little house, a shack actually, on the edge of town near Pardeeville.  It will be very helpful because we’ll be able to store a lot of our filming equipment there without all the hassle and worry of having to haul it on planes all the time. Plus we’ll have Wisconsin residency which should reduce the costs of our hunting licenses. I’m actually thinking about getting my Wisconsin real estate license as well. This way if we need to buy any other homes in the Portage area or if I come across any hunting land for sale I can move on it fast! We’ll post photos soon!