New BowHunting Go-Pro Camera Setup

As you know, we’re big fans of using Go-Pro cameras on many of the hunts we film where we know we’ll be close to the animals and large zoom lenses will not be necessary. For the most part, any large game animal that is close enough to shoot with a bow and arrow is going to show up fairly well on Go-Pro footage. An elk at 300 yards about to be poked with a rifle, not so much. It would look like a little tiny speck without the telephoto and zoom capabilities of our larger Sony cameras. But for hunting whitetail deer and other species close over trails, food plots or watering holes, the Go Pro rig is tough to beat.

gopro-hunting-camera-mountWe set ourselves up almost exactly like the dude in the photo on the right. With one camera mounted to the bow using the new Sportsman’s mount, and the other on the head. This way you can get some nice panning shots when looking around as well as some shots down the arrow.

A few things to remember:

  • Buy heavy duty batteries – Lithium packs don’t like cold weather, count on less run time in the cold.
  • Use Lok-Tite on any fasteners so they don’t rattle loose.
  • Set-up so you are close to the animals – Go-Pro cameras are wide angle, not telephoto.

We’re using a setup here in Ontario early September to film a hunt for bear with 3 Go-Pro cameras per hunter.  We’ll post the footage when it’s ready. Most will be used for a major camo company we can’t name just yet.