Crossbow Hunting Camera Mount

So I bit the bullet and finally bought a crossbow. What a rush! I was expecting it to be accurate, but man what a tack driver this thing is. I snagged a Horton Vision 175. It’s one of the funky looking models with the reversed limbs which bring the weight of the bow back further than traditional crossbows. It’s not nose heavy at all. Kinda feels like shooting an air rifle.

Lots of folks turns their noses up to crossbows as being unfair when compared to compound bows. I’m not sure why because the effective range is about the same – 40 yards. What’s really enhanced is the accuracy. Heart shots are much more doable out to 40 yards, meaning cleaner kills and less suffering….I’m all for that!

The only thing I notice is the arrows (or bolts) do lose kinetic energy more rapidly than longer arrows shot from compounds do. So you really have to be careful shooting out beyond 40 yards. You want to use heavier broadheads with fixed blades. Mechanicals can suck up precious kinetic energy while opening that would be better suited for helping the arrow penetrate.

Anyways, I’m working on some different Go-pro mounts for this thing ad plan to pop some hogs with it when we hunt on Danny’s hunting land down south.  I’ll keep you posted and hope to have some video to share sometime soon.