Elk Hunting Tags Are IN THE HOUSE

Joe and I both applied for Colorado bow hunting elk tags this last summer. It’s funny when you apply for so many different hunting tags like we do we tend to forget what all we applied for. Until one day like yesterday, the mail comes and we have 2 awesome elk either sex bow hunt tags as a little gift!  How nice! We’ve filmed some CO elk hunts before but never while hunting. With our new bow cams in place we will both be able to film the hunting as it goes down.

The tricky part has always been capturing good footage during the calling sequences. Many of the elk calls we use require 2 hand use in order to get good sound from them. Holding a call with 2 hands while trying to operate the camera with your foot is impossible! (actually we’ve never tried a foot cam — yet!).

Now with the new riser mounted HD camera mount we’ve developed we will be able to set the bow down while the camera is running to film sequences when the animals are being bugled or called in with grunts etc. Way cool, and it’s going to give us lots more editable action sequences now.

We’re Back!

OK, we’re finally done with our new WordPress version of our company website. No more stodgy Dreamweaver HTML for us!  We hear good things about WP so figured we’d give it a try. Hunting for a decent CMS took some time but we finally got it up.