Camera Mount For Deer Hunting Land Hunts

Lots of fellow deer hunters have been asking us how we film our bow deer hunts using our GoPro setups with the on stabilzer shots. Well, long story short is we devised a custom mounting system that is unique to both of our deer hunting archery setups. I know a lot of the deer hunters out there are hungry to buy some sort of setup that is easy to mount, will remove quickly, is lightweight, and won’t make any noises that may scare the deer away.

While we do have plans to produce these mounts and offer them for sale in 2016, we simply ran out of time this year. It’s tough because the riser and stabilzer on every compound bow is slightly different. So designing a mount that will work full spectrum is a bit of a challenege. We think we finally have a design that is good enough to put up for sale though. This year we will test it extensively during our Wisconsin whitetail hunts and Canadian blacktail outings. We have a lot of food plots in place so we should be able to get right on the deer for some real nice footage of monster bucks this fall!

I will keep you posted on when the first models will be offered up for sale.