About Our Team

Myself and my good friend Joe Stubbins grew up in Canada hunting and fishing. We’ve always enjoyed filming our adventures and decided to turn that passion into a business 5 years ago when SideShowMedia was born.

Now we film hunts all throughout Canada and the United States ranging from Bear to Elk, Moose, and Deer. Waterfowl and upland game bird hunts as well. We’ve worked for some of the largest brands in the hunting industry and for celebrity hunters as well.

Filming a hunt isn’t easy. Any time you introduce more gear to a hunting scenario you multiply what can go wrong. We’ve done it all wrong more than once or twice!  So we more or less know what NOT to do when filming a hunt. This gives us (and our clients) a tremendous advantage when it comes to planning and successfully filming a hunt.

After this 2015 fall hunting season we intend to start work on our very own hunting show as well as turning this website into a full blown e-commerce portal selling all things hunting and filming related. If you have a project you would like to have us tackle, please contact us to tell us all about it!